Even chiropractic's greatest opponents can agree that our care is  effective in treating headaches.   Cervicogenic headache (headaches caused by neck misalignment) is a  treatable condition.  People in our society that suffer from chronic  headaches caused by cervical misalignment could be treated successfully  with chiropractic treatment.

As with many of the symptoms on our list, the actual cause of a  headache is as unknown as how an aspirin helps in treating it.  We can  agree that a headache is probably not caused from a lack of aspirin.   Our chiropractic theory as to how cervical treatment is effective in  treating headaches is that it is these misalignments which effect  muscles (tension headaches) or vessels (vascular headaches such as  migraines) that are causing the headache.  By treating the source of the  problem and responding to the body's pain signals, chiropractic not  only helps relieve the headache but is most effective in preventing a  future headache.

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