lowbackBack pain is the most common reason that new patients seek a  chiropractor.  Back pain affects an estimated 20% of the population each  year.  Chiropractic is becoming the first choice for treatment of back  pain, due in part to our success in helping patients.  Chiropractic's  increased popularity is also due to limitations of success in treating  back pain through the medical approach.

As  with most pain, it is wise not to try to cover it up.  The best  direction is to find out the cause of the pain and attempt to correct  it.  That is the chiropractic approach.  Chiropractors are trained in  the diagnosis of spinal misalignments and how to correct them.  It  usually requires a detailed examination, where the chiropractor will  test range of motion, perform orthopedic tests, neurological tests,  strength tests and palpate the spine.  Palpation is a chiropractor’s  greatest tool.  By feeling the tissue around the spine a chiropractor  can sense changes in alignment, muscle spasm, tissue temperature,  tenderness and texture helping him or her find areas that are  misaligned.  These misalignments are called subluxations and are  predominately the cause of back pain.

Correcting subluxations can be achieved through several techniques.   Chiropractors are also educated in selecting the best method to correct  misalignments, making the experience as comfortable as possible for the  patient

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